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Archeologists Excited by Roman Treasure in Bulgaria
Bulgarian archeologists will start some researches into the history of the Roman treasure of a total of 800 golden Republican-period coins dated from the period of II-I century B.C. as well as some Roman denars dated from the I century B.C.

Some experts say that this will prove to be one of the greatest finds in the northern region of Vidin. The treasure was found during excavations in the Lozyata region near the Pokraina village.

The northern Bulgarian region of Vidin has a rich ancient history as several ancient finds have already been excavated there. Different ancient ceramic works that are still to be studied and a cooper age village disclosed near the Antimovo village are among the numerous finds in the region.

Last December Vidin's authorities announced that another two major ancient sites would be registered. The two sites are situated in the Grinduri and Albastrino countryside, near the Pokraina village.
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